As You Were
New paintings by Gabrielle Raaff.

My process of painting echoes the way I live in the world, calling for appropriate responses to different situations, requiring particular strengths and intuitions to help direct flow and development.
Each painting requires that I take certain steps to add to, change or remove the marks made before. This very intuitive process sometimes calls for a light hearted detachment and sometimes sheer courage but there is a trust that the painting has a life of its own and works itself out in the end.
These works hold within them the contradictions of the lives of ordinary people around me that I find interesting. There is a tug that plays out between abstraction and figuration, clarity and mystery. I have had an affiliation with watery media for many years now, sometimes exploring the properties of ink, water colour and water soluble oil through the genre of landscape and in this show through photographs found in newspapers of people doing the most normal things. Looking at my source material which dates back to before the great global interruption, the concept of ‘what is normal’ requires some obvious reflection. Taken out of context the bodies that inhabited these original stories now take on new more universal roles. Sometimes more than one story collides in a single painting because I have literally overlapped one scene over another. Limbs collide, shapes of colour emerge or recede and the context is further obfuscated. I like to create new landscapes where contradictions can co-exist.

This body of work explores the properties, possibilities and wilfulness of very diluted pigment.
I have played with using my materials the way I usually would on paper, not seeking detail or even depth but enjoying the thrill of making a mark and seeing where it may lead. A new narrative is intimated through limited amounts of activity on the canvas, implying just enough for the viewer to interpret what they see and therefore take the story to their own conclusion.

The show concludes on the 3rd June 2022


A Smaller Gathering 800x800mm Water-based oil on Board 2022


Work on show

  • Solo Show "As You Were" opens on Saturday 7th May 2022 at 131a Gallery, Salt River.
  • Launch of new work on paper for Uprise Art, New York. View online at www.upriseart.com
  • Selected monochromatic and water-colour figurative works and water-colour urban landscape works available for viewing.